Scottsdale Homes For Sale

Thinking about selling a Scottsdale home? We have an aggressive marketing plan to help you sell your Scottsdale real estate fast! Looking for a Scottsdale home to buy?  It is a  great time to buy Scottsdale real estate. Looking for a Scottsdale realtor? We have over 30 years combined experience helping people buy and sell Scottsdale real estate and Phoenix real estate.  Let us help you buy or sell your Scottsdale real estate. 

About Scottsdale

Scottsdale History – Scottsdale’s rich and varied history is steeped in Native American culture and cowboy lore. For at least 12,000 years, much of the Sonoran Desert was home to native peoples, including the Hohokam who formed a sophisticated agrarian society in the area from about A.D. 1 to A.D. 1450. An artistic and inventive people, the Hohokam are perhaps best known for developing the largest web of irrigation canals in pre-Columbian North America.

When tragic circumstances, including massive flooding and internal political conflict, forced the Hohokam to abandon their villages and canals by the 1500s, their way of life in the desert was carried on by both their descendants, the Pima Indians, and, eventually, settlers from the East. In 1888, one of those settlers, U.S. Army Chaplain Winfield Scott purchased a 640-acre parcel of desert land for $3.50 an acre. Scott and his brother, George, farmed the land and soon more families followed to settle and raise their own crops, which included citrus, peaches, sweet potatoes, wheat and peanuts. The name “Scottsdale” was first officially used for fledgling town in 1894.

Today, Scottsdale is one of the world’s premier business and vacation destinations.  Old Town Scottsdale has great restaurants and art galleries. It doesn’t matter if you’re a history buff, sports fanatic, water lover, golfer, baseball spring training fan, gambler or  shopaholic. Scottsdale can provide an adventure for everyone.

Selling Scottsdale Homes – Scottsdale AZ Homes

If you need to sell your Scottsdale property we are here to help.  Whether a short sale or a normal sale our team has 30 years experience to get your Scottsdale home sold fast.  We have an aggressive marketing plan and would be happy to provide a FREE consultation so you can see what we can do for you.  Are you curious about the value of your Scottsdale AZ real estate? Contact us today for a free Scottsdale property market analysis.

Buying Scottsdale Homes – Scottsdale AZ Homes

This is a fabulous opportunity to buy Scottsdale real estate! There is a wide variety of homes in Scottsdale.   Interest rates are going up which means monthly payments will increase.   So whether you are looking for an entry level or lock and leave condo or a spacious five bedroom beauty with room to roam now is the time to buy. There are many properties for sale in great areas in various price ranges.   

Scottsdale Short Sales

Scottsdale short sales can be great deals.  If you want to buy a Scottsdale short sale a great deal of patience will be required.  But good things come to those who wait while the Scottsdale short sale is reviewed by the bank.  Do not believe the reports that only 40% of short sales are successful. The number one reason why short sales fail is because the buyer cancels.  

Scottsdale Condos and Townhomes

Looking to own a piece of Scottsdale real estate at a great price and have very little maintenance?  A Scottsdale townhome or condo could be just the ticket.  Tired of spending winters in cold country? Buying a Scottsdale condo or townhome at a bargain price means you can spend next winter in sunny Arizona.  Click on the link below to see all the Scottsdale condos and townhomes available. 

Scottsdale Waterfront Homes

Do you think owning a home in Scottsdale AZ means you will only have a view of the desert?  Scottsdale real estate is diverse and offers several lovely waterfront homes. 

Scottsdale Luxury Homes

If you want to buy a luxurious Scottsdale home this timing could not be better.  Whether you are looking for a horse property, executive style home or a big home with a guest house there is a luxury Scottsdale home waiting for you.  

Scottsdale Golf Course Homes

There are some great Scottsdale homes on golf courses or in golf course communities.  Whether you are a golfer or just enjoy the lush green of a golf course there is a Scottsdale home for you.  

Scottsdale Investment Properties 

Are you are looking for a Scottsdale multi family home to buy as a rental?  Would a South Scottsdale AZ duplex, triplex, fourplex or larger multifamily property be of interest? Scottsdale is a great place for rentals due to its proximity to Arizona State University, major employers, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, the light rail and more.  Click on the link below to see all the Scottsdale multifamily investment properties available.