Chandler Homes For Sale

Thinking about selling a Chandler home? We have an aggressive marketing plan to help you sell your Chandler real estate fast! Looking for a Chandler home to buy? It is a  great time to buy Chandler real estate. Looking for a Chandler realtor? We have over 30 years combined experience helping people buy and sell Chandler real estate and Phoenix real estate.  Let us help you buy or sell your Chandler real estate.

About Chandler

Chandler History – In 1891, Dr. Alexander John Chandler, the first veterinary surgeon for the territory of Arizona, bought 80 acres of land from the federal government south of Mesa in the Salt River Valley. Dr. Chandler studied the relatively new science of irrigation engineering and was instrumental in building an early system of canals in what was then an arid desert.

Business thrived and the area close to the Eastern Railroad depot was soon the center of commerce for Chandler.  The crown jewel was the grand opening of the Hotel San Marcos took place on November 22, 1913. Among the 500 guests present were Governor George P. Hunt and Vice President Thomas Marshall. The hotel was an immediate success with wealthy visitors coming from all over the country every winter.

But agriculture was still the big business in Chandler at the time. Cotton, grains and alfalfa were the primary crops. Farmers also raised cattle, sheep and, yes, ostriches. Ostrich feathers were used to adorn popular women’s fashions. Top quality feathers sold for as much as $250 a pound.

In recent years, Chandler’s borders have been expanded and the population has boomed — from 30,000 in 1980 to more than 240,000 today. The economic base of Chandler has been diversified. While agriculture is still somewhat of a vital element, Chandler now enjoys a strong manufacturing and electronics sector.

The downtown storefronts have been restored to a modern version of their original turn-of-the-century look, and the plaza has been redesigned and named after the City’s founder. The Center for the Arts, new parks, restaurants and retail centers mark an exciting future for the City.  Family festivals such as the Ostrich Festival, and a host of other annual events, make Chandler a popular draw for travelers from all across the country.

Selling Chandler Homes – Chandler AZ Homes

If you need to sell your Chandler property we are here to help.  Whether a short sale or a normal sale our team has 30 years experience to get your Chandler home sold fast.  We have an aggressive marketing plan and would be happy to provide a FREE consultation so you can see what we can do for you.  Are you curious about the value of your Chandler AZ real estate? Contact us today for a free Chandler property market analysis.

Buying Chandler Homes – Chandler AZ Homes

This is a fabulous opportunity to buy Chandler real estate! There is a wide variety of homes in Chandler   Interest rates are going up which means monthly payments will increase.   So whether you are looking for an entry level or lock and leave condo or a spacious five bedroom beauty with room to roam now is the time to buy. There are many properties for sale in great areas in various price ranges.

Chandler Short Sales

Chandler short sales can be great deals.  If you want to buy a Chandler short sale a great deal of patience will be required.  But good things come to those who wait while the Chandler short sale is reviewed by the bank.  Do not believe the reports that only 40% of short sales are successful. The number one reason why short sales fail is because the buyer cancels.

Chandler Condos and Townhomes

Looking to own a piece of Chandler real estate at a great price and have very little maintenance?  A Chandler townhome or condo could be just the ticket.  Tired of spending winters in cold country? Buying a Chandler condo or townhome at a bargain price means you can spend next winter in sunny Arizona.

Chandler Waterfront Homes

Do you think owning a home in Chandler AZ means you will only have a view of the desert?  Chandler real estate is diverse and offers several lovely waterfront homes.

Chandler Airport Homes

If you own your own plane then there are some great Chandler airport homes.

Chandler Luxury Homes

If you want to buy a luxurious Chandler home this timing could not be better.  Whether you are looking for a horse property, executive style home or a big home with a guest house there is a luxury Chandler home waiting for you.

Chandler Golf Course Homes

There are some great Chandler homes on golf courses or in golf course communities.  Whether you are a golfer or just enjoy the lush green of a golf course there is a Chandler home for you.

Chandler Homes – Normal Sale

If you don’t want to wait for months for a response to a Chandler short sale, hassle with a Chandler bank owned property where the seller does not have any history about past repairs or worry about the seller refusing to fix anything then a Chandler home being sold by the actual owner (referred to as a normal sale) is for you.  Even though the prices of these Chandler homes may not be as attractive as Chandler short sales or bank owned Chandler properties they may be a better buy because you know what your are buying.  And sometimes these Chandler homes are competitively priced because the seller has no choice but to move.

Chandler Investment Properties

Are you are looking for a Chandler single family home to buy as a rental today and hold for value gains when the economy recovers? Would a Chandler AZ duplex, triplex, fourplex or larger multifamily property be of interest? North Chandler is a great place for rentals due to its proximity to Arizona State University, major employers, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, the light rail and more. Recent construction of the 202 Freeway has connected South Chandler to the 101, 60, I-10 and I-17 freeways.