FAQs Sellers

What services does Great House Marketing offer?

Great House Marketing will take professional pictures of the interior of the house, create a recording and a full color flyer describing the features of the house, install a custom yard sign on the property along with a sign rider that includes the website URL and the 24x7 800 number, post the property on the company website, Zillow, Yahoo and other real estate related websites. 

Best of all we offer dial 0 Operator assistance 7 days a week from 8AM to 6PM eliminating the need for you to be available to take calls during work hours or family time.  

Unlike other for sale by owner companies that charge up to $800 all of these services are FREE.  

(Note: Great House Marketing is owned by the broker of 1st Southwest Realty).

What is the advantage of using your services?

On your own you have only one house to offer to a specific buyer. Attracting the buyer with adequate advertising can be  difficult, time consuming  and expensive. When a potential buyer calls you do not know if they can actually buy.  So you may waste time showing your house to an unqualified buyer.  If a buyer has called on another house and it is not right house for them, we can refer that pre-qualified buyer to other houses we are marketing. By using Great House Marketing you join a collection of other owners trying to sell their houses which makes the marketing more effective.

What is the cost?

It is free.

What is in it for you?

We hope to generate mortgage clients for our mortgage professionals to work with. Our preferred lenders would also be happy to help you with the mortgage on your next home purchase. We also hope to generate buyer leads for our realtors to work with.  If you decide to list your house with a realtor we hope you use our company.

Do I have to get my next mortgage with your preferred lenders?

No, but they would love the opportunity to earn your business.

Will there be flyers outside the house?

Yes. We will provide flyer boxes to be attached to the sign and an unlimited supply of black and white flyers. It would be your responsibility to keep the flyer box stocked.

Will the house be listed in the Multiple Listing Service?

Not unless you sign a listing agreement with 1st Southwest Realty. 

Do I have to remove my own for sale by owner sign?


I have signed up with other For Sale By Owner services. Do I have to stop using their services?


Will the house be held open?

Not by Great House Marketing. We can provide open house signs if you would like to hold the house open.

Will you show the house?

No. You will be responsible for showing the house.

My house is a rental property. What happens to the tenants?

If the tenant has a lease that has not expired the new owner would have to honor the lease or buy the tenant out. If the tenant is on a month to month lease they can be required to move with 30 days notice

Can I list my house as a short sale with Great House Marketing?

No. Most banks require short sale houses be listed with a realtor. However 1st Southwest Realty's agents are experienced in handling short sales and would be happy to discuss your situation to see how if we can help you. If you are considering a short sale please consult your attorney, accountant and credit counselor for additional information.  See the Short Sale section for more details.

Will Great House Marketing help me determine the value of my house?

No but we can refer you to some free websites to assist you with determining the value. We can also provide names of appraisers who can complete an independent assessment of the value. The fee for the appraisal would be negotiated directly with the appraiser.  If you list your house with 1st Southwest Realty then a comprehensive market analysis would be provided.

If I list my house with a realtor can I still try to sell it on my own?

Yes if you list with our related company 1st Southwest Realty.  With most other real estate companies you cannot continue to sell on your own once you list with a realtor.  If the buyer was exposed to the house by the listing or other realtor then the commission would still need to be paid. If you list with a realtor that does not allow you to sell the house on your own the property would be removed from our website and our agreement would be terminated.

What are the fees if I list with 1st Southwest Realty?

All real estate fees are negotiated between the seller and the realtor. 

You find the buyer on your own and the buyer was not exposed to the house by the listing realtor or anyone in the realtor’s office. There is no other realtor involved and you want no assistance from the listing realtor. You pay zero.

You find the buyer on your own. You would like a realtor to assist you through the rest of the transaction, i.e. writing the contract, opening escrow, arranging for inspections, negotiating repairs, etc. You would pay 2% or a minimum of $1,500 commission, whichever is greater,if there is no other realtor involved.

You list with our company and another realtor finds the buyer then the commission would be 6% shared equally between the buyer's and seller's realtor.

What is the advantage if I list with a realtor?

The key when listing with a realtor is to make sure your property is exposed to as many potential buyers as possible. If 1st Southwest Realty  lists your home it will be added to the MLS with a detailed description, multiple pictures and virtual tour, you will receive a full color flyer and yard sign with your own 24x7 800 number and put the house on a secure lockbox. The house will receive extensive internet marketing. The most important website to feature your house on is Realtor.com. This is the primary home selling site on the internet as it is linked directly to the MLS and has the most up to date information.

In addition 1st Southwest Realty has an extensive list of real estate related professionals like title companies, home inspectors, contractors and other service companies to help you once the house is under contract.

Do I have to agree to VA or FHA financing?

No but if you do it limits the number of potential buyers.FHA and VA loans provide purchasers the opportunity to buy homes with minimal cash investment and at lower interest rates. These loans require the lender or seller to pay for certain closing costs and loan fees that a buyer would normally pay with a conventional loan. VA and FHA also have stricter appraisal and home inspection requirements. All repair work must be done prior to closing the sale. Sellers understand offering the house to and allowing VA/FHA financing increases the number of buyers that may make an offer. The sellers always have the right to compare these offers to other offers with conventional financing and negotiate what closings costs will be paid above the required costs.

What closing costs might I have to pay?

Closing costs are various charges paid to different entities associated with facilitating real estate transactions. Some of the closing costs a seller might encounter include:documentation fee, title and escrow fees, mortgage insurance, origination fee, title insurance premium and others. Closing costs are negotiable between the parties. Lenders generally estimate 2% for conventional loans.Costs can be higher on FHA or VA loans as some fees are required to be paid by the seller.In addition the buyer may ask for the seller to contribute to their closing costs which is negotiable. Consult your lender to determine the exact costs.

How do I sign up?

Call or email us. We will have a representative send you the Marketing Services Agreement for review and signature. Once we have the signed agreement we will schedule an appointment to have the photographer come to take pictures of the house and ask you for the specifics on the house like square footage, age, any upgrades or additions, etc. Once we have the list of features and the pictures we can put the marketing in place.

How long does it take to put the marketing in place?

Typically we can complete the marketing within 5 business days depending on when we can access the house to take pictures.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at anytime with 2 business days written notice which can be sent via hard copy mail, fax or email. Please allow 4 business days for the sign to be removed.